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Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
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Home: Atlantic Highlands, NJ USA

Tony Rodriguez - Bass

My music career started at a young age. I think I was around 12 was going to school and worked in a local music store called Music Makers in Wall,  NJ. I was in a band with my brother a guitar player named Lito and a drummer named Carl Johnson. We were known as Silent Screams. Our music was all original. Back in that music scene it was allot different then it is now you had your clicks, the metal heads, preps, rappers; etc. We were outcasts.  I'd say we were influenced by W.A.S.P., DIO, Ozzy and stuff along those lines. We uses to play a biker bar every Monday night called Mrs Jays in Asbury park, NJ.  It was open mic night and the main band to play was always Sammy and the Acme Boogie Company. So us young kids would come in and play what we played, boy did we get some looks back then.

So needless to say my music career didn’t go much further then that, but we had fun. Some years past and I took a break from the music and followed my career as a tattoo artist. I had a little fire light under me a few years ago I goto travel with some national acts as a personal Assistant/Security and got me to thinking why don’t I get back into the music. So a couple years ago I picked up a bass and started jamming a little in my tattoo studio boy did the guys that work for me not like me so much.

So I decided it was time to start to form a band and get back to my roots. So I started working in  garage one day and said lets start jamming. Well to say the least, Broken Past was formed. We've been blessed so far with playing a bunch of fundraising events and some other pretty big gigs with people on a national level. Mostly music is my escape, I love the feel of the bass and the music that can be created. Since we've started the band, I've built a complete recording studio and named it W.C.  Recording and Rehearsal studio in honor of my brother and friend William

Carpenter whom we traveled in a band called Modern Superstar together but in 2015 William lost his battle with cancer and the kind of person that I am wanted to keep his name alive and well and be free and play music in honor so we now all play in W.C. studio.

As of right now I am endorsed by Spector Bass Company, Intune guitar picks, Bullspike Radio and Rock Against Dystrophy.

There's no telling what tomorrow will bring but Broken Past is gonna be around for awhile. 


Wayne White - Lead Guitar

Guitar has been my passion since 14. Blues, classic rock and as heavy as it gets has driven me all the way. Best known for the lead guitarist of high octane and now the official BROKEN PAST

Bryan Stager - Drums

I started my music career at the age of 10 when I started learning the drums. Eventually I picked up the guitar around 14 because my younger brother was learning and I wanted to try it out. Over the years I played in different programs that got different musicians together and allowed us to perform songs we loved and taught us how to be in a band. I got to play at places such as The Stone Pony, Starland Ballroom, and The Count Basie Theater.


My influences come from bands such as Rush, AC/DC, Metallica, and many more. Even though I played drums mostly in different bands, I always loved playing the guitar and wanted to play guitar in a band. Then I received the call from Broken Past and the rest is history!

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