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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday May 15, 2019 Mid Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

New Jersey heavy metal act Broken Past is set to issue their debut release 'Time For Change' via HighVolMusic on June 28th


The 6 song EP includes a cover of Quiet Riot's 'Metal Health. A full package update and remaster was done for the label. Track listing: 1. Dead to Me, 2. Time For Change, 3. Broken Past, 4. Dominos, 5. Fast Lane, 6. Metal Health (Bang Your Head).

A video for 'Time For Change' is set to premiere Thursday May 16th at 9PM EST at

Broken Past features Tony Rodriguez (bass), Frank Acee (vocals), Bryan Stager (drums), Wayne White (guitar).

Show and tour info can found at Advance pre-sale of 'Time For Change' starts next week!

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